Our Principles

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Our business philosophy is to help the client do phenomenally well and exceed all expectations. We are able to achieve that end result about 80% of the time. We do the best for our clients even if that means we have to give up our own contract with them.

1. PROTECTING THE CLIENTS INTERESTS ABOVE OUR OWN (telling the client the truth, especially things he does not want to hear. There is a risk involved in this. We may be fired in the process. We gladly accept the risk. Challenging the client if we feel he is not right)

2.ETHICS (Being very ethical with the clients in terms of: not taking advantage of any situation, observing all confidentiality of the work we do, and upholding the trust the client has placed upon us).

3. BEST JUDGMENT (Giving the client the best judgment possible.)

Management Consulting

Management Consulting services in areas of increasing competitiveness of the business. Increase profitability, margin, cash flow. Help our clients to reduce costs, get better organized, have higher employee morale, more employee engagement, and tighter customer focus, focus on competitors and threats on the horizon.

Business & Personal Mentoring

Business coaching and mentoring to help our clients in areas of career advice, how to shine in their position, how to become promotable, how to better manage all aspects of their life, how to improve relationships, how to find greater happiness, inner peace, plan their life, provide life coaching advice.

Seminars & Key Note Speaking

Vino is a Key Note Speaker and motivational life coach. He has attended and spoke at many seminars and events, he has been Conference Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, with talks on Game Changing Innovation, How to think like a CEO, How to compete in a globalized world, How to succeed in Business.

Seminars & Keynote Speaking

Business and Life are always on the move! Have you got the right advice?

Past Seminars have been rated at:

4.5 - 4.95 on a scale 1 to 5

Executive Retreats, Workshops, Seminars

  • Personal Competitiveness: Achieve Breakthrough Success in the Global Economy
  • Game Changing Innovation Process: How to drive Revenues and Profits.
  • Why Companies Fail?
  • Why Smart Executives Fail?
  • How to successfully implement Culture Change?
  • How to succeed in Business: the critical 7 levers to manage?
  • Personal Transformation leads to Corporate Transformation.
  • High Performing Organization
    • Productivity Improvement through People
    • Process Improvements
    • Create a Value Focused Organization
    • Provide Outstanding Customer Value
  • Create a Value Focused Organization
Key note speeches, executive retreats, and seminars can easily be customized to suit your individual needs.

Here are some comments by attendees after the talk on: Spurring Growth through Innovation:

"Great discussion today. Enjoyed the message and the outstanding delivery. It was also a real privilege to meet your boss. We will need to get together sometime in late july. Thanks"
Edward Tavares Ph.D., Verizon Enterprise Solutions

"Regarding your presentation on "Spurring Growth through Innovation": You did a good job of condensing a lot of content into a short, engaging presentation- something I know is very challenging."
Jordan Conley, Chief Technology Officer, ProService Hawaii

"I really found your thoughts on the process of helping businesses reach their full potential inspiring. I enjoyed your "Innovation" chart and the "Leadership -> Consumer as Boss -> Employee Emotional Connection -> Culture", with culture being in my opinion the most elusive to foster in regards to what you want it to be :)"
Joseph Olson, Systems Admin Consultant / MSCA / Security+, Prosis Hawaii LLC

Partial List of Past Attendees:
Hilton Hotels,
U.S. Air Force,
United Airlines,
First Hawaiian Bank,
Nissan Motor
City and County of Hawaii,
University of Hawaii
U.S. Coast Guard,
U.S. Navy,
Royal Hawaiian Hotel

"Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did at our convention [as the Keynote Speaker] in Orlando! I think you could tell by the audience you had plus the way you were very well received just how much they thought of you and your program."
Bill Overton, President, Electrical Apparatus Service Association

"The executive retreat you structured and facilitated was exceptional. I was especially impressed by your ability to help us understand new concepts, work more cohesively toward mutual goals, and buy into a shared vision. All members of our board and management staff have given high marks and high praise to your work with us."
Peter Leong, President/CEO, Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

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