Our Principles

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Our business philosophy is to help the client do phenomenally well and exceed all expectations. We are able to achieve that end result about 80% of the time. We do the best for our clients even if that means we have to give up our own contract with them.

1. PROTECTING THE CLIENTS INTERESTS ABOVE OUR OWN (telling the client the truth, especially things he does not want to hear. There is a risk involved in this. We may be fired in the process. We gladly accept the risk. Challenging the client if we feel he is not right)

2.ETHICS (Being very ethical with the clients in terms of: not taking advantage of any situation, observing all confidentiality of the work we do, and upholding the trust the client has placed upon us).

3. BEST JUDGMENT (Giving the client the best judgment possible.)

Management Consulting

Management Consulting services in areas of increasing competitiveness of the business. Increase profitability, margin, cash flow. Help our clients to reduce costs, get better organized, have higher employee morale, more employee engagement, and tighter customer focus, focus on competitors and threats on the horizon.

Business & Personal Mentoring

Business coaching and mentoring to help our clients in areas of career advice, how to shine in their position, how to become promotable, how to better manage all aspects of their life, how to improve relationships, how to find greater happiness, inner peace, plan their life, provide life coaching advice.

Seminars & Key Note Speaking

Vino is a Key Note Speaker and motivational life coach. He has attended and spoke at many seminars and events, he has been Conference Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, with talks on Game Changing Innovation, How to think like a CEO, How to compete in a globalized world, How to succeed in Business.

Vino Mehta - Services

Business and Life are always on the move! Have you got the right advice?

Management Consulting
Working closely with the Management team to determine those vitally few areas that can be strengthened to give a huge gain to the company. Having achieved consensus then working with people down the line to make that happen. We always stay back to implement change until it becomes embedded into the fabric of the enterprise. We focus on making stars out of people.

Our competitive differentiation
1. Extensive business experience
2. Holistic approach
3. Understanding of the client at a very intimate level: what does he/she actually want that
    they may not be able to articulate?
4. Coaching and mentoring the client, becoming their confidant and advisor.
5. A global and unique perspective; clients find a lot of value in that.
6. Dream Maker for the clients and enable them to fulfill those dreams.

Management Consulting

Business Consulting
How do you create wealth for the owners?
How do you grow the business?
How do you innovate for new business models, products and services to outdistance the competition?
How do you grow margins?
What few things will provide the whole business with a huge quantum jump?
What will improve their competitive position?
What will help them gain a strategic advantage in the marketplace?
What are those few things that everyone can agree upon and then commit to make them happen?

Business Consultancy

Business Mentoring
Working behind closed doors to discuss issues too sensitive to discussed in public. Work collaboratively to find a good, equitable and workable solution that creates all winners. Discussions are all held in confidence. People often welcome this since they have someone they can speak with openly without fear of any reprisals.

Business Mentoring

Business & Life Coaching
These days business and personal life are intertwined. Each affects and feeds upon the other. Issues in ones personal life affect them at work and vice versa. How do you maintain a firewall to keep the two compartments separate?

How do you create synergy so that each adds to the other rather than discount each other?

A very high value added service that people enjoy since they get to talk to someone with a different and unbiased perspective. Very often solutions developed are �out of the box� and fairly simple and practical.

Business & Life Coaching

Seminars & Key Note Speaking
We can help provide mass training, education or information designed to change the mindset and paradigms of people. Our seminars and speeches are highly rated between 4.5 and 4.95 on a scale 1 to 5. We touch people. We make them think. We make them feel engaged. We listen to them. And yet we train and change them to see the world differently.

Most of the clients see a lot of value in our work.

Seminars & Key Note Speaking

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