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What Have We Done For Our Clients?
The payback on our services is usually very high for the clients. Our services add tremendous value to the client's existing organization, since we bring up to date knowledge about best practices in leading world-class organizations. It is that unique ability to work with the clients' organizations and be able to seamlessly blend into their culture while bringing about successful change is what makes our services unique.
A sample of five successful case studies is provided:
Case Study # 1
This client was about 6 to 12 months away from bankruptcy. The focus of our assignment was: what should he do immediately to bring the Company back into the black from the red, make the whole organization healthy and make the organization grow. Implementation of all three phases proceeded immediately and simultaneously. The company is now into the black, well focused and on a growth trajectory. It involved restructuring, reorganizing, developing a competitive strategy, and trimming and refocusing their product and service lines. The road map for this Company will make them the leader in profitability in this industry.
Case Study # 2
This client, a Department Manager in a large corporation, had an annual budget of $38 million, and growing…! An organizational scan identified possible opportunities for improvement. Within 3 years, he had trimmed his budget to $ 26 million, with more cutbacks coming… at the same time, he was able to increase the performance of his organization on all its indicators. This department's performance has set an example and created a new benchmark for the whole company. This assignment involved the successful implementation of extensive change initiatives. Payback for this client has been phenomenal!
Case Study # 3
The President of this Company wanted us to increase the productivity of one of his departments along the production chain, by 5 %. A one-month, in depth study of the department identified possible opportunities of the magnitude of 30 %. Three months of implementation have already achieved a productivity gain of 12.5%, well above client's expectations. These gains have already been reflected in the revised expense budget. ROI has been significant with more to come!
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